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Adapted for Posting by Perin Colah


Welcome to Five Myths and Realities of Virtual Teams. This week we explore Myth #3.




Reality: Technology is the enabler, the tool, the means to an end. But it is not the most important factor. The human elements of getting people to collaborate are. Technology plays a major role in how virtual teams operate, but success comes from relationship building and team development.


Advice: A Virtual Manager at an Aircrafts Parts and Equipment Company provides an example of technology and the human connection:


“I was surprised at how long it took to get my virtual team to work. I needed to think about the interaction and team dynamics a lot more than the technology connections. Working virtually is not the same because there are no informal interactions (before, after the meeting, at the water cooler) and it takes more time to enable the people factor. Even though we had the best technology available, the team needed more touch. As a virtual manager, you need to build it (the human connection) and there is more effort and time required. It was cool when it worked.”


Stay tuned for Virtual Teams Myth #4 next week!