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Cross Cultural Communications

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by Lauren Methena

The newly updated second edition of the new classic Communicating Through a Global Lens: How to Broaden Your Perspective in a Cross Cultural World has just been released.
Always leading global communication trends, thought leader, author and communication expert Yael Zofi, author of three other books including A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams, thought fast-changing modern times and the popularity of her book demanded a second edition.

“How we communicate is changing so fast,”Zofi says. “Between the technology, the expectations leaders place on their teams, and our growing understanding of working across physical boundaries and cultures, I thought it was crucial that we update the text with latest developments and add content that can help professionals tackle their most pressing communication challenges.”

A popular textbook among professors and a popular professional tool for executives, project managers, and business professionals, Communicating Through a Global Lens quickly became a staple in communication programs in schools across the nation and around the world. This popularity among colleges and universities was part of what prompted a second edition.
For more about this groundbreaking book, as well as information on purchasing it, please visit:



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