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Virtual team managers must LEARN how to effectively communicate across cultures.  To complete the acronym, the focus of this week’s blog post is about strategy #5, the N of L E A R N.
Strategy #5   N o J u d g m e n t: NO JUDGMENT
Respecting others means suspending judgment.  Try this simple technique:
Instead of jumping to conclusions consider that your cultural lens may distort someone’s worldview. Consider several alternative possibilities and use this three-part evaluation approach:

  1. Describe – “Nat joins the call late every Monday.”
  2. Interpret – “Nat doesn’t care about the job.”
  3. Evaluate – “I’ll give Nat the less desirable projects.”

Now think about the three-step evaluation approach with one additional step:

  1. Describe – “Nat joins the call late every Monday.”

Before you make an assumptions, consider several reasons for his behavior.  For example:

  • He has familial obligations every Monday morning.
  • His start-of-week meeting with his boss always runs late because his boss wants to discuss a report that never arrives on time, thereby putting him behind schedule.
  • He oversleeps after the weekend.
  • He doesn’t care about the job.


Once you’ve formulated several hypotheses for Nat’s behavior, you are ready to make your interpretation:


    2.  Interpret – “Nat’s tardiness could be due to a factor which may be out of his control.”


    3.  Evaluate – “I will talk to Nat about his tardiness and learn more about why it’s happening.”


This ‘consider several options’ step is the one that many people skip, leading them to erroneous, and often biased, conclusions.