Communicating Through a Global Lens

2nd Edition, by Yael Zofi

Our world has transformed, and so your colleagues may sit in the next cubicle or at a workstation on another continent. How do you build productive work relationships with team members with whom you can communicate instantaneously, but may not achieve true understanding with, due to cultural differences, language barriers and national characteristics? You are not alone in experiencing these challenges!

This book serves as a guide for those who spend some interacting with co-workers across the globe. It will help you gain another perspective to achieve a high comfort level when interacting with individuals from other cultures. You can complete a short questionnaire to gauge your current cultural communications skill level and LEARN how to improve your Global Lens 'score'. We've built-in a section on the cultural dimensions and how to develop effective strategies to work with them. Also included are a Quick Guide to raise your Cultural Practices IQ, and practical pointers for handling global business relationships.

This handy guide provides suggestions to build your personal action plan and to increase your cross cultural skills. Remember, quality business relationships grow through understanding. The results, you will see, will be a stronger and deeper understanding of Communicating Through a Global Lens.