Work Your Network

Making Impactful Business Connections

by Yael Zofi

Savvy business people know that technical expertise and a great work ethic alone can not guarantee success in today's complex global environment. It also requires knowing whom in your work community you need to tap into in order to extract important information, and which colleague or professional contract can enhance your understanding of a project or task. In short, developing great Networking skills has become a critical component of your success.

Networking is about relationships and people, and creating meaningful connections that impact your life and your career. What does Networking entail, and how can you personally prepare to be great at it? Yael Zofi, CEO of AIM Strategies® takes a practical approach to building your Networking skills. She has written a helpful booklet, introducing the Five Steps of Networking. In this booklet Zofi guides you to define a Networking Style that works for you. Do you have a USP (Unique Selling Point)? You should - and Zofi helps you create one with an element of intrigue! You'll also learn the best Networking approach when you communicate with individuals whose styles differ from your own.

Along with practical insights about how to make a lasting impression with the 'right' contacts. "Work Your Network" provides a step-by-step plan to develop an action-oriented plan that will help you achieve your objectives.